Summer School K-12

To combat summer learning loss, MPT offers you and your student additional academic support during the summer. We will help your student catch up on content, review material, finish a summer course or work ahead to better prepare themselves for the upcoming school year.

Summer school services are available for a limited time during the summer for the following programs:
• Summer School, grades 9-12 (July ONLY); get the help you need with your summer courses in a timely fashion. We offer support in the following subjects (math, physics, biology, chemistry, and English)

• Summer Catch-up, Grades K-6; A one-on0one help for your child in reading, writing, and math offered twice/three times a week to tackle any gaps in their curriculum, and sharpen their learning skills

• Creative Writing for grades K-6; a comprehensive workshop that focuses on using remedial activities to improve gross and fine motor skills. Three workshops are available for beginners targeting fine motor, printing, and gross motor skills

• High School Prep, Grades 7-8; to prepare your students for high school expectations in Math, Science, and English

Please note that K-8 programs are offered for 3 or 6 weeks intensive one-on-one delivery model with the exception of the Creative Writing program (which is done in a small group setting on weekly basis).

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