Summer Must-Rd Program

As a compliment to the Ketch-Up program MPT has also launched another summer initiative, the Must-Rd (or Must-Read) campaign! Just like the red condiment we know and love, this yellow condiment is meant to add flavour to our summer and spice to our minds. Every Sunday for the 7 weeks, Sarnia’s premier learning centre will bring you our Must-Rd suggestions for the summer holidays! The recommendations are listed in order based on the following age groups:
1: 2-5 years old
2: 6-9 years old
3: 10-13 years old
4: 14-18 years old
5: 18+ years old
You can find all MPT Must-Rd recommendations on our Facebook page. Please comment and let us know your favourites! Many thanks in advance for your input and happy reading!