MPT Featured on First Monday!

The past few years have proved to be somewhat difficult for many students. From
being in school, to closing schools, and trying to learn online . It’s no
wonder that many have struggled! Now that school is back in full force, we have
asked the kids and young adults to switch off the last two years, and wrap their
heads around being at their desk full-time, and this may come with challenges as
well. For any family that feels this struggle, there is a solution right here in Sarnia.

Dr. Sahar Nasr is the owner and director of Math Plus Tutors Learning
Centre (MPT). Sahar graduated with bachelors and master’s degree in nuclear
engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt. She later pursued her Ph.D. in
physics in London, Ontario at Western University, which ultimately led to her
immigration to Canada and settling in Sarnia with her husband and two young
children. Continue reading on First Monday