Finding It Hard to Study Math? We Got You Covered!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help your grade k-8 students to study math in an easy way. If you like the content you may want to share it with your friends and family.

1) How to multiply any number with 5

If you have an even number which has to be multiplied by 5*, go ahead, take the half of the even number and add a 0 to its side, we have the answer! For example: if its 5*8 , take the half of 8 , which is 4. And then add a 0 which is 40. Yes!!! 5*8= 40

What if it’s an odd number? No worries, we got you covered! For odd numbers, deduct a 1 from the odd number, take the half of it and add a 5 to the side. For example: if its 5*9, deduct a 1 , which is 8 , take half of it , which is 4 , add a 5 which makes it have got the answer 5*9 = 45

2) Easy multiplications with numbers that end with a “0”
Do you find it tough to add numbers that have way too many 0s in it? There’s an easy way to do it. Multiply your number, collect your 0s, and put them in the end. For example: 1,000 * 7,000
7*1 = 7, now collect your 0s that is total 8 zeros and we’ve got the answer 1,000*7,000 = 7,000,000.

3) Practice your math well

Every subject needs practice; math also needs practice from your part. Practice math solutions from your textbook as well as take in problems from the internet too. This will give you a clear idea of what types of math problems you can expect in this specific topic and you don’t have to get worried when a new type of question appears on the exam.

4) Adding up large sums

It is a headache when you try to add up large numbers! No stress!
Take the numbers, round it up, and add it. Then take the numbers that we rounded , add it up and subtract from the original amount. We have got the answer!
For example: Adding (744 + 367). Round it up which makes it (750+370 = 1120), take the numbers that we rounded up (750 – 744 = 6, 370- 367= 3)
Now add (6 + 3 = 9 ), subtract the (9) from the rounded sum (1120 – 9 = 1111)
Therefore (744+ 367 = 1,111)

5) Focus is the key

Nothing is more difficult than concentrating in a math class, we all get it. Try your level best to put concentration in your math class, so that you don’t miss out on any problems done in the class. Also along with concentrating, find your own creative ways of learning math, which will make learning math more interesting!

Stay tuned for more learning tips and tricks!




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