Special Needs

Year-Round Program

MPT offers year-round programs for students with special-needs. Whether you need to work on your math, science, English, French or are looking for a supportive learning environment, our team is ready to help. In addition to teaching academic skills, we also work with you on exploring new opportunities and techniques to leverage your educational experiences and help you aspire to your full potential! Our programs include Math Plus Junior, High School Prep, High School, Post-Secondary, and Aptitude Test Prep. We also offer STEPS; a program for young adults with special-needs. More information on STEPS is listed down below.

What to Expect From Our Team

  • We will invite you for a consultation meeting, and ask you to bring along any school-based or external assessments (IEP, psychological assessment, etc)

  • We will conduct an assessment with the child, based on your application and the information we gathered during the consultation

  • We will develop a plan for your child’s learning strategies, based on the student's areas of need/strengths and his/her learning style.

  • We will work with you and your child on implementing this plan

  • With your consent, we will work with your child's school and other service providers to harmonize her/his learning across the board

  • We will also work on facilitating your child’s transition from elementary to high school, and from high school to post-secondary education

What our Program Offers

  • Comprehensive assessment

  • Determination of your learning style(s)

  • Development of learning strategy

  • Education on how to use your own devices as assistive devices for learning

  • Technological advantages (iPad, E-reader, Wii, sensory motor materials)

Stimulating Training Empowering Personal Success (STEPS)

Introducing STEPS; a new program for young adults with special-needs. STEPS empowers participants to live independently, and have satisfying and productive lives. STEPS is a skill based program, among its advantages;

  • Our instructors speak many languages including Arabic, French, Hindi and Urdu

  • Small group quiet setting

  • Fully accessible location

  • One-on-one instructions

  • Fees are Developmental Services Ontario Passport funding eligible. For more information on STEPS click here to download program brochure.

STEPS for the Workplace

STEPS for the workplace is a focused version of STEPS for young adults with special-needs looking to join the work force. In addition to working on literacy, clients will work on a number of vocational skills to prepare them for the workplace. For more information click here.

We believe that each participant is unique and so is his/her learning style. We will work with each participant to explore the best methods of learning. We will build on the work done by other service providers and endeavor to make his/her learning experience enjoyable and fruitful.