Best Math & Science Tutoring Service Sarnia

"I found Math Plus Tutors' team an excellent resource for my daughter. The professional, personalized tutoring enhanced her understanding of biology. What I liked the most about the service: Good communication with parents & teachers. Flexibility in scheduling and Ability to tailor program to student strengths and / or weaknesses."
Gratiana - Biology Grade 12, Parent

“Math Plus Tutors provides excellent academic support to a wide spectrum of learners. In my experience, Math Plus Tutors exudes professionalism, as found both in its director, Sahar, and its tutors. Our eldest daughter benefits from Math Plus Tutors greatly since her natural skills in Math and Language are pushed and challenged. This gives our daughter the confidence to thrive in a classroom environment. Thank you Sahar, Courtney and Sheena.” Leslie, parent of Nancy (grade 4)


"The (parent) seminar was enlightening and gave me a better understanding on how to help my grand-daughter. I would encourage others to look at your programs"
Brenda - Early Reader's Journey, Participant

"I learned new ways to draw, paint and how to make optical illusion. The best part was when we did the texture painting"
Maya - MPT Art Club

College Level Math Tutors

​"Caters to how an individual learns, extremely flexible with session times! Overall very helpful in drastically improving grades."
Ben - First year CPET student Lambton College

"My son and I had an excellent positive experience at your centre with friendly staff, organized place and comfortable waiting room."
Amena - English Grade 12, Parent

"Gave me the motivation and confidence to finally finish a course I struggled with."
Jennifer - Grade 12 Chemistry, Student

"The program was FUN. The best part was the matching styles; the tutor was open to my learning style."
Mike - GRE, Student

"The kids had an amazing time at each and every session."
Debra - STEM Adventure Club, Parent

"My name is Esther, I am a fourth year Medical Science student at Western majoring in Pathology. I was struggling with Physics in high school and was looking for a reputable place to get help. Dr Nasr’s credentials and welcoming demeanor made me choose MPT. I enjoyed the one-on-one learning I got to do with Dr. Nasr. In high school, I was very introverted and quiet, so being in a private setting where I could ask all my questions was very beneficial. I would definitely recommend MPT to anyone who thrives with thorough, one-on-one learning experiences."
Esther is graduating this year, and applying for medical school. She was awarded the "Highest Physics Average in Lambton County 2019"

Grade 12 Advanced Functions Tutor

"The best part was that Math Plus Tutors takes the students step by step until they understand perfectly. It's a great experience!"
Maisaa - Care giver, STEPS one-on-one

"I think the program is great the way it is, the tutor was very thorough in explaining problems. It was a great learning experience."
D.J. - Exam prep college math, Student

"We have been using MPT services for the last 5 years and have really benefited from the services they provide. Our oldest was having challenges adjusting to the demands of the school curriculum so we looked to our community to see what was available and we found Math Plus Tutors. Our son has had one on one lessons, participated in many STEM Classes and summer day camp programs. He loves going and now our youngest has joined too! The boys attended 5 weeks of summer camp in 2021 and absolutely loved it!
We are really grateful for Sahar and her team. Not only do they support the academia of our children but more importantly they blend it with compassion, patience, kindness and excellent communication between all of us. We have seen many positive changes with our kids! Our boys are more relaxed, curious and confident about themselves in relation to learning no matter the environment. Thank You so much! We really love MPT!" the Buchanan Family

"I like how well the tutor explained everything. I started with not being confident and I left very confident."
Alexis -Grade 10 Math, Student

"Mrs. Nasr went above and beyond for me. I'm really thankful for her help." The best part of this program was passing my summer course."
Emily -Grade 11 Math, Student

Grade 9-12 Science tutor

"Thank you Sahar for helping me so much this semester, you're an amazing tutor!"
Emily -Grade 10 Science, Student

"I liked the one-on-one option and the quiet & relaxed atmosphere. This experience gave my son the opportunity to voice his concerns in a constructive supportive atmosphere."
Shirley, Gr 11 Math Parent

"Sahar, we appreciate the time you spent with Emily. What a difference! She benefited not only from your knowledge, but your kindness too! Thanks"
Bonnie & Steve, Parents

"Sahar has a wonderful rapport with her students and people of all ages. Her ability to connect with the students is truly superior. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is well organized and reliable."
Susan Mitchell

“Thanks Sahar for everything you have done for me! I would have never been able to get a 90% in math without your help!”
Mathew -Grade 11 Math, Student

Professional Tutors Sarnia

"The best part of my program was learning the new material. I learned a lot."
Jason -Grade 11 Math, Student

"Sahar; thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I will forever be grateful for your help as I enter into university. Thank you for all the patience & time you have put into meeting with me for sessions.”
Kyla -Grade 12 Physics, Student