Grade 9-12 Science tutor

Science is a fascinating subject. It includes many branches and can engage the student's mind from an early age. One of our main focuses at MPT is to teach science to the students in a way that appeals to their inquisitive nature. Not only do we cover science as a subject matter taught at school rather we get our young learners interested in learning science from an early age through our STEM inspired Day Camps.

"Gave me the motivation and confidence to finally finish a course I struggled with."
- Jennifer - Grade 12 Chemistry, Student

MPT Science Courses

Science is a part of our High School Prep program. In addition, Math Plus Tutors offers the following science courses based on the Ontario curriculum for secondary schools. Our teachers have a variety of qualifications that go beyond the high school science mandate such as microbiology, oceanography, surface science, and biochemistry. Most of our science teachers have a minimum of a master's degree in their respective fields.

Basic Science for Grade 9  De-streamed

Basic Science for Grade 10


Science, Grade 10 (SNC2P)


Science, Grade 10 (SNC2D)


College Preparation

Biology, Grade 11 (SBI3C)

University Preparation

Biology, Grade 11 (SBI3U)

Biology, Grade 12 (SBI4U)


College Preparation

Chemistry, Grade 12 (SCH4C)

University Preparation

Chemistry, Grade 11 (SCH3U)

Chemistry, Grade 12 (SCH4U)


College Preparation

Physics, Grade 12(SPH4C)

University Preparation

Physics, Grade 11 (SPH3U)

Physics, Grade 12 (SPH4U)

General Science

College/University Preparation (Mixed)

Science, Grade 12 (SNC4M)

Workplace Preparation

Science, Grade 12 (SNC4E)

Post-Secondary Science

MPT also offers many science courses based on a variety of Lambton College’s programs. For a complete list of the college courses MPT offers please visit the Post-Secondary page.

Is Your Course Not Listed?

If the science course you are interested in is not listed among the courses we offer, contact us and we will strive to make it available to you.