Which Math Courses Does MPT Cover?

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In addition to Math for grades K-8, we offer the following mathematical courses based on Ontario curriculum for secondary schools. Our team members also teach higher math for college and university students including Calculus, Algebra, Data Management, and Statistics. For more information visit our Post-Secondary page here.

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Mandatory Basic Math Courses For Grades 9 De-Streamed

Mandatory Basic Math Courses For Grades 10 Academic & Applied


Foundations of Mathematics, Grade 10, (MFM2P)


Principles of Mathematics, Grade 10, (MPM2D)

*Please note that all high school students are requires to take TWO of the above. One from Grade 9 and one from Grade 10 in either academic or applied streams

Math Courses for Grades 11 & 12

Workplace Preparation

Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 11 (MEL3E)

Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life, Grade 12 (MEL4E)

College Preparation

Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 11 (MBF3C)

Mathematics for College Technology, Grade 12 (MCT4C)

Foundations for College Mathematics, Grade 12 (MAP4C)

College/University Preparation(Mixed)

Functions and Applications, Grade 11 (MCF3M)

University Preparation

Functions, Grade 11 (MCR3U)

Advanced Functions, Grade 12 (MHF4U)

Calculus and Vectors, Grade 12 (MCV4U)

Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12 (MDM4U)

*Please note that; to complete high school diploma requirements all students are required to take at least one credit from the above list. For a number of unviersity programs, Advanced Functions and Calculus are mandatory requirements

We also offer other mathematical courses based on a variety of Lambton College's Programs. For a complete list of programs please visit our Post-Secondary page

If the math course you are interested in is not listed among the courses we offer, contact us and we will strive to make it available to you.