Math Plus Junior

Not fully understanding her worksheet, Alex needs help decoding the text. Math Plus Junior for reading and writing will improve her reading comprehension and fluency

Math Plus Junior is a comprehensive tutoring program for students in Grades K-6 aimed at improving your child's Math, Reading, and Writing skills. Offered in both English and French, we offer a one-on-one tutoring service or small group program to meet your child's needs. By providing a fun, stimulating environment that aligns with the Ontario curriculum, students not only improve their math, reading, and writing, they develop their time management and organizational skills as well as increased self-esteem and confidence.

“Math Plus Tutors provides excellent academic support to a wide spectrum of learners. In my experience, Math Plus Tutors exudes professionalism, as found both in its director, Sahar, and its tutors. Our eldest daughter benefits from Math Plus Tutors greatly since her natural skills in Math and Language are pushed and challenged. This gives our daughter the confidence to thrive in a classroom environment. Thank you Sahar, Courtney and Sheena.” - Leslie - Grade 4, Parent

Creative Writing develops proper pencil grasp and proper sitting position to help a child do his homework essay

Creative Writing Program

Fine motor skills in kids aged 3 through 6 are required to accomplish various everyday activities. They also play an essential role in a child's academic success. By practicing and improving fine motor skills, kids develop abilities needed for a successful career in professions such as architecture, science, medicine, etc.

Simple tasks, such as cutting with scissors, drawing shapes or using a pencil, are essential skills that must be taught as early as kindergarten. The best way for kids to master all these small finger movements is through enjoyable and exciting exercises, where children do not feel like they’re training but rather play and have fun.

This program helps your child improve their fine motor skills, develop proper pencil grasp, learn printing techniques, and develop their written communication milestones. Program is offered in a one-on-one or small class sitting. Click here to find the Summer Creative Writing program schedule and sign up sheet.

Why K-6?

Studies show that children who struggle to read, write, and do math in school in the early years most often continue to struggle in high school and are statistically much more likely to drop out of high school if the problem is not addressed and remediated.

A quick glimpse at the EQAO scores from the Lambton-Kent District School Board (LKDSB) shows the bleak success rates of meeting the provincial standards for reading, writing, and especially math. Consistently, our school board averages 5-6 points less than the provincial comparison for several years running. Another alarming trend is that the number of students who do not meet provincial requirements continues to increase. In the 2018-2019 school year, only 52% of third graders, 35% of sixth graders, and 39% of ninth-graders in the LKDSB met the provincial standard in math. (Cited from: EQAO & OSSLT Results - Lambton Kent District School Board (

Our Experience

Over the years here at Math Plus Tutors, we noticed that the high school students who participate in our math programs and tutoring services have a long history of struggling in their elementary grades. Waiting until students are in high school to address the challenges only escalates the problem; often forcing them into the applied-level mathematics and science that can limit their choices in post-secondary education.

Our Solution

One-on-one Tutoring Sarnia Lambton ensures your child's success

We care about our students! Their mental health, self-esteem, and social-emotional wellbeing are our top priority. And of course, we want every student to succeed! By extending our tutoring services and programs to include elementary students, we hope to address the root cause early-on, before they become frustrated, discouraged, and disengaged. By developing genuine relationships with our students, their families, and their teachers, and providing a positive, safe, and supportive way to learn, we foster an environment where self-esteem, resiliency, and confidence help struggling students perform better in subsequent years