At MPT we work with K-12 students on their language arts following the Ontario curriculum.

K-8 Reading and Writing

Our OCT certified teacher first assesses the student’s needs relative to their grade level. Once done, the areas of strengths and those of need will be identified, and a learning strategy developed. In reading, the teacher will start working with the student on their reading skills such as:
- phonetics,
- reading comprehension,
- reading strategies,
- and reading fluency

In writing, the teacher will work with the student on

- Spelling
- Writing Organizers
- Sentence structure
- Parts of a sentence
- Punctuation
- Paragraph writing
- Creative writing
- Structuring an assignment
- Applying variety of writing styles (e.g. journal, recall, opinion, fiction and non-fiction)


High School English 9-12

Math Plus Tutors can offer tutoring for the following high school English courses:

Grade 9 and 10


ENG1P, Grade 9

ENG2P, Grade 10


ENG1D, Grade 9

ENG2D, Grade 10

Grade 11 and 12

College Preparation

ENG3C, Grade 11

ENG4C, Grade 12

University Preparation

ENG3U, Grade 11

ENG4U, Grade 12