Where To Begin?

Where To Begin?

Simply contact usTo learn about our new programs and shared updates like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest . Looking forward to hearing from you!


Once you contacted us

  1. We will ask you to complete our application form and take part in a quick and easy assessment.
  2. The assessment is designed to gauge levels and pinpoint gaps upon which we’ll focus to improve the understanding of the subject matter.
  3. If interested, parents will receive a written copy of the assessment results highlighting the areas of need and proposed services.
  4. After the assessment, our team will customize a learning program for you.

While sessions are underway

  • Regular assessments are conducted to measure improvement.
  • We keep parents/guardians abreast of their child(ren) progress.
  • We will advise you on areas of concern.
  • Session reports are kept on file to monitor student progress and keep parents updated on their child's performance.

Student's responsibilities

We ask that students come prepared to sessions with books, notes and challenges/inquiries to maximize their benefit within the session time. We encourage students to leave electronic devices at home to remain focused on learning. If a device is required for your session we will provide it.

Tutoring Location

We offer our services to you at Math Plus Tutors' Centre. Our Centre is spacious and well equipped to meet all your educational needs. Sessions are held in separate classrooms to minimize distractions. All classrooms are designed for the protection of the student's and teacher's integrity with high visibility of all parties. Our classrooms are equipped with white boards, stationaries, workbooks, manipulatives and technology. 

"Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he eats for life."

We take this philosophy to heart in the work we do at Math Plus Tutors. We don't solve homework for students. Rather we teach them how to solve it on their own in fun and engaging ways. 


Are you ready to start ? Fill out our application form here or Contact us today for an assessment – it’s free and easy!  Some restrictions apply.
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