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Ben-First year CPET student Lambton College 

Math Plus Tutors offers a large number of courses based on different programs taught at Lambton College. Following is a list of those programs and courses in alphabetical order. If the course you are interested in is not listed, please contact us and we’ll strive to make it available to you.

B.Sc. Nursing Courses

  • Organic and Biological Chemistry (BSN-1913)
  • Introduction to Psychology as a Behavioural Science (BSN-1153)
  • Introductory Microbiology (BSN-2373)
  • Medical Anthropology (ANT-3703)
  • Statistics for the Sciences (STA-2053)
  • Medical Microbiology (BSN-3513)


Business Administration Courses

  • Business Law (-1003)
  • Business Statistics (STA-1103)
  • Organizational Behaviour (MAN-1163)
  • Business Mathematics II (MTH-2223)
  • Business English Skills II (ENG-2243)
  • Business Mathematics I (MTH-1223)
  • Business English Skills I (ENG-1244)


Child & Youth Care Courses

  • Psychology I (PSY-1003)
  • Psychology II (PSY-2003)


CPET Courses

  • Mathematics I (MTH-1105)
  • Mathematics II (MTH-2105)
  • Communications for Technology (ENG-1173)
  • Operating Engineering Studies I (OES-1013)
  • General Chemistry I (CHM-1106)
  • General Chemistry II (CHM-2106)
  • Electric Circuits I (ELE-1065)
  • Operating Engineering Calculations (OES-2123)
  • Operating Engineering Studies - Boilers (OES-2115)
  • Communication of Technology II (ENG-2713)
  • Introduction to Industrial Chemical Processes (CHM-2822)
  • Operating Engineering Studies - HVAC (OES-3033)
  • Operating Engineering Studies - Equipment (OES-3124)
  • Instrumentation for Plant Operations I (ICS-3414)
  • Mechanical Practices for Operating Engineers (OES-4304)
  • Introduction to Bio-Fuels and Bi-Based Chemicals (BIO-4614)
  • Advanced Process Operations I (OES-4414)
  • Chemical Engineering Operations and Calculations I (OES-5814)
  • Process Control Systems (ICS-5315)
  • Process Stream Analysis (ICS-6505)
  • Advanced Process Operations II (OES-5016)
  • Production of Bio-Fuels and Bio-Based Chemicals (BIO-5713)
  • Operating Engineering Studies - Electrical (OES-4015)
  • Chemical Engineering Operations and Calculations II (OES-6844)
  • Advanced Control Applications (ICS-6316)
  • Advanced Process Operations III (OES-6015)
  • Shutdown Planning and Scheduling (OES-6043)


Fire Science Technology Courses

  • Chemical Principles (CHM-1204)
  • Fire Science Math (MTH-1404)
  • Applied Physics (PHY-2404)


French (Conversational) Courses

  • Conversational French I (FRE-1003)
  • Conversational French II (FRE-2003)
  • Conversational French III (FRE-3003)
  • Conversational French IV (FRE-4003)


ICET Courses

  • Introductory Applied Chemistry (CHM-1304)
  • Mathematics II (MTH-2105)
  • Mathematics III (MTH-3103)
  • Electric Circuits I (ELE-1055)
  • Electric Circuits II (ELE-2055)
  • Fundamentals of Instrumentation II (ICS-2303)
  • Electronic Devices and Circuits I (ELE-3505)
  • Electrical Systems and Control (ELE-3155)
  • Chemical Engineering Operation and Calculation (OES 5804)


Online & Continuing Education Courses

  • Critical Thinking (SOC-1303)
  • Abnormal Psychology (PSY-1703)
  • Introduction to Science (SCI-1003)
  • Human Growth and Development (HGD-1013)
  • Writing Grammatically (ENG-1233)
  • Communications I (ENG-1113)


Police Foundation Courses

  • Psychology I (PSY-1003)
  • Communications II (ENG-2113)
  • Communications in Criminal Justice (ENG-1213)
  • Issues in Diversity (CJP-1103)


Protection, Security & Investigation Courses

  • Issues in Diversity (CJP-1103)
  • Communications in Criminal Justice (ENG-1213)
  • Psychology I (PSY-1003)
  • Criminal and Civil Law (CJP-2013)
  • Communications II (ENG-2113)


Social Service Worker Program Courses

  • PSY-2003: Psychology II
  • ENG-1113: Communications I
  • ENG-2113: Communications II