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STEM Adventure Club March Break Camp-2018

 “Chemistry Fun” Monday

Chemistry is the branch of science that fulfils your adventure seeking nature with results you can see, touch, smell and sometimes even taste. In this session children get to experiment with mixtures, textures and edible chemistry in fun and safe environment.

“Exploring Nature” Tuesday

Our world is full of living things that never cease to amaze us. From the smallest ant to the gigantic whale we feel as a drop in a big ocean. Our bodies are in no way less amazing than the rest of the creation. Join us for a journey to explore nature’s secrets in a number of creatures.

“Bob the Builder” Wednesday

Have you got a chance to build your own project? During this session you will work with your group to design, build, and test the City of your Dreams! So, get your thinking cap on, roll up your sleeves and let the adventure begin!

“Math Contest” Thursday

Math is the foundation of many science, technology and engineering projects and applications. To excel in math is to prepare a fertile ground for your future inventions and promising careers. Join us in this fun filled competitive session to learn and compete in math with your peers.

“Project Environment” Friday

Our environment is full of factors that will positively or negatively impact our lives. In this session we embark on a journey to explore some of those factors. Then you will have a chance to work on a project to help improve your environment in any way you can. 

This program is designed for children ages 6-13 to learn the scientific process in exploring different branches of science, technology, engineering, and math in fun and engaging ways. It is a group based program with (4-8) participants per group. Half-Day: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Camp Fees: $175 per child, Registration deadline March 2, 2018

STEM Adventure Club Winter Session & March Break Camp

Registration is now open for the Winter Session and March Break Camp of STEM Adventure Club. To register fill in the registration form then send it to


"Marhaba- مرحبا" Arabic Class Starting January 11

Marhaba- Arabic program will start this Thursday January 11 and runs Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 am till 12:00. The program is scheduled for 8 weeks to end on March 5th. Spots still available for those interested in joining in. To register contact us.

Give The Gift Of Learning

Looking for last minute gift ideas for your loved ones? Choose from our array of programs a suitable gift for everyone. To learn more check out our Promotional Offers.

Exam Prep Packages for High School Courses

Sign up for Exam Prep Packages of 10-12 hours at an Extremely Affordable Price to prepare for your exams. For more information check our Promotional Offers.

Registration Now Open for "Marhaba" and "Bonjour de Sarnia"

Whether you are interested in learning Arabic or French we got you covered. Join our classes of "مرحبا - Marhaba" and/or "Bonjour de Sarnia" to improve your language skills in Arabic and French. To register for either program fill in the registration form and send it to us. Classes start on the week of January 8 and run till March 2. Fees and schedule information are included on the registration form.

Learn Arabic with "مرحبا"

Interested in learning Arabic?
" مرحبا" provides you with a chance to improve your communication skills and facilitates your oral expression in everyday life. " مرحبا" is a program that provides you with a chance to learn Arabic basics and facilitate your oral communication in different dialects.
 " مرحبا" is designed for different levels: beginner,  intermediate, or advanced.
" مرحبا"  starts Jan 2018, two sessions a week, 90 min/session for 8 weeks.
For more info or to register contact us.

Learn French with "BONJOUR de SARNIA"

Parler Français?
« Bonjour de Sarnia » met à votre disposition différente dialogues pour améliorer vos compétences communicatives et faciliter votre expression orale dans la vie quotidienne. « Bonjour de Sarnia » communique avec toutes les catégories : débutant – intermédiaire et avance. 
Do you speak French?
"Bonjour de Sarnia" provides you with a chance to improve your communication skills and facilitate your oral expression in everyday life. "Bonjour de Sarnia" communicates with all categories: beginner - intermediate and advance. 
Frequency: Two sessions a week, 90 min per session, for 8 weeks.
For more info on schedule and fees contact us

Comprehensive Group Sessions for BSN, CPET, ICET, NSG, and Pre-Health Programs at Lambton College

MPT offers comprehensive group sessions for a selected number of courses for Lambton College students. To learn more about the courses, schedule and fees check out our Promtional Offers. If the course of your choice is not listed contact us and we will strive to make it available to you.

Introducing MPT "Study Skills" Class

Do you want to:
Improve your marks?
Increase your retention of information?
Reduce your stress before exams?
Learn how to improve your exam taking experience?
Learn how to study during high school and university or college?
Join our STUDY SKILLS class starting Nov 12. For more info contact-us.



Friday Nov 17; 9:00am - 12:00pm; Nature and Electricity
Friday Nov 24; 9:00am - 12:00pm; Robotics
Friday Feb 2;  9:00am - 12:00pm; TBA
March Break schedule and themes TBA
To register contact us

MPT joins Jumpstart Lambton-Kent



We are offering a couple of STEM Adventure Club sessions for students at Viamonde School Board PD Days on Oct 20 and Nov 17. Club hours are 9:00am - 12:00pm.  The themes for these sessions are:
  • Exploring Motion
  • Nature & Electricity
To sign up contact us here


Due to the increasing demand in French programs (Math Plus Junior and High School Prep ), Math Plus Tutors' team and resources are expanding to meet the need. Do you need services for French-school students and French Immersion students in French, Math or English? Our team is ready to provide all the needed support for grades 1-8. Contact us today to learn how to enroll your student.


STEM Adventure Club starting this coming Friday, Sept 29. To register fill out our registration form and send it to us by Wednesday Sept 27 via email at Registration fees are accepted via e-transfer or over the phone credit payment. If you have any questions or need more info contact us here or call 519-542-1999.


Participate, Explore and Apply the scientific method in fun and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities. This is a program rated as "Best Program Ever" by parents. The club will be held on PD days (Sept 29, Oct 27, Nov 24) during the fall.  For more information on fees or to register click here.


A limited time offer of comprehensive review for grade 7, 8 and an intro to grade 9 math curriculum group option is available. Ideal for grade 9 students starting math in the second semester. To register Contact us here or call 519-542-1999. ScheduleTBA. Offer expires Sept 30. 



Math Plus Tutors is running a Junior-Math group session starting October 3, 2017. Group sessions are offered on Tue & Thu 5:00pm - 6:00pm. This  is a limited time offer valid till Sept 30 with a monthly fee of $172. To register Contact us here or call 519-542-1999.

De-Stigmatizing Math Desperately Needed

For the second year in a row EQAO Math results show that 50% of all grade 6 students did not meet the provincial standards. Grade 3 Math results declined to 62% from 63% in 2016. Math curriculum, teaching methods and resources need to be critiqued and upgraded to improve students' comprehension of the subject matter. Hands-on activities, memorization of basic rules along side plain-language resources are desperately needed to de-stigmatize Math! 


August 23, 2017

Fall programs lining up choose from a selection of 
  • High school  Math, Science, French and  English courses.
  • Lambton-College math, engineering, communication and technology courses
  • Grade school Math Plus Junior (1-6) and High School Prep (7-8)
  • STEPS Day program and STEPS one-on-one service


August 14; 2017
Forensic Science; STEM Adventure Club finale this week. 
Thursday August 17; 9am-12pm. 
Interested in joining? 
Contact us
August 7; 2017
STEM Adventure Club Members enjoying their Newton Laws' session. Building structures, testing their stability, building Newton Cradles and verifying the laws of motion.  A few spots still available for August sessions. To register contact us here.
July 10; 2017
June 30; 2017
Have a wonderful 150th Canada day! Math Plus Tutors wishes you a happy and safe holiday. We're on holiday too! Office will re-open July 10.
June 9; 2017
For more information regarding STEPS (day program for young adults) click here to download STEPS brochure or STEPS for the Workplace.


As a provider of tutoring services for high school and post-secondary education we weren't sure how our Math Plus Junior will be received in the community. As the program started; we got a number of inquiries regarding math help. Today we provide not only math help for the junior grades but also reading and writing in both English and French. Students enrolled in our program are making gains every day in their academics and self-esteem. It is heart-warming to see the progress they make day in and day out. That itself is our biggest achievement! To learn more about Math Plus Junior click here.


As the school year rolls on you start to learn new material in each subject and your binders accumulate more and more lessons. How can you make the best of your school and study time is what matters the most. You need to get organized from day one; have all your notes in one binder/notebook. Use a calendar to keep track of important dates through your term. Review your notes, solved problems and practice relevant questions on regular basis. Don't wait till last minute before your test/exam and don't cram. Cramming will put a lot of stress on you and won't help you on the long run. 


Feb 2, 2017: What's Next? Now that exams are over for the first school term. It's time you take a few minutes to think what you learned during that term? What are your areas of strengths and areas of need? What went well and what will you do different going on to term two. Learning from the experience that we go through is our best recipe to improve our performance. If waiting till last minute to work on your assignments was stressful, then you need to do it on time. Not paying attention to your marks/grades in the beginning cost you some dear marks; then avoid that. School is not only a place where you learn subjects; it's also a place for developing life and social skills that you will need for life. Make the most out of your time there! Enjoy!


Introducing STEPS (Stimulating Training Empowering Personal Success); a new day program for young adults with special-needs. STEPS fees are "Disability Services Ontario Passport Funds" eligible. To learn more about STEPS click here


Nov 17, 2016: MPT Referral Program
Math Plus Tutors extends an offer to families with low income to get tutoring service for their children for at-cost fees. For details click Here.


Oct 16, 2016: Math Plus Tutors joins Teen Transition Fair
@ Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School, Oct 26, 2016. Visit our booth to learn more about our programs/services for students with special-needs.


Oct 14, 2016: How to Earn Smart Marks
 A few tips from us to help your high school and college student do better in their studies and improve their grades. Click on the tile to read this article. "HOW TO EARN YOURSELF SMART MARKS?"
Sept 26, 2016: For high school students, we have a number of math problems that you can try out Here.      
Sept 19, 2016: How to get better at math?
A question many of us seek an answer to. Math is a subject that many of us look upon as a tough nut. Our own experience in elementary and high school will reflect on our feelings towards it and transfer to our children. The fact of the matter is, when it comes to math there is a clear answer to every question. It's a black and white subject based solely on facts and concrete information. Opinions and the whole grey area has nothing to do with solving a problem. So, you can count on it as one of the subjects that you can guarantee your mark. The question now is how to excel in math? Math relies on a systematic approach, solid information, and a number of well known/learned facts. Once you have all the above elements you will be able to navigate math without much difficulty. Here's a link to a nice article that will give you a few ideas on How to Learn Math?


MPT on The Sarnia Journal
Thanks Cathy Dobson for the article. It is a great way to promote our business to the Sarnia-Lambton community. Just a small correction though; we don't only have OCT certified teachers but also a number of college teachers with master's and doctorate degrees in their respective fields.


Math Plus Tutors Goes Accessible 
MPT is working with Breaking Barriers to Business, Accessibility Sarnia-Lambton to ensure that we serve all our customers equally. Our staff are AODA trained and we're taking big strides to ensure your comfort. If there is a way we can make your experience with us better let us know. Call us today at 519-542-1999.


MPT on Blackburn Radio:
As we grow in the community many media outlets are recognizing Math Plus Tutors as an Exceptional Tutoring Services. Thanks to Lee Michaels and Blackburn Radio for introducing us to the Sarnia-Lambton community "New Business Tutors Wide Range Of Students" By Lee Michaels on September 3, 2015 .


MPT on Lambton Shield
J.D. Booth and Lambton Shield have done an excellent job in highlighting Math Plus Tutors' role in helping out high school and college students with their educational needs New tutoring business focuses on growing need for help in higher math and science".  Math Plus Tutors encourages students to connect 'the earlier the better' for maximum benefit. By Editorial Staff September 13, 2015 BusinessLocal News