High School Prep

The Program

This program is designed to help students in Grades 7 & 8 build the academic skills, as well as time management and organizational skills, necessary to ensure a smooth and successful transition from elementary to high school.

The Need

We understand that the leap from elementary to high school can be challenging for many students. Mathematics specifically takes a big jump forward in terms of content and difficulty!

Our Program

Math Plus Tutors offers its unique program for senior grades 7 & 8 students to prepare them for high school mathematics, English, science, and French. MPT teachers will work with your children to:

- Strengthen their skills in math, science, English, and French to better face the new challenges in high school

- Teach them time management skills that will enable them to multitask, and to improve their performance in high school

- Encourage them to stay competitive and build on their resilience to face high school expectations

What We Offer

  • Convenient location

  • Stimulating environment (small group, fun, and engaging)

  • Use of technology to help with lessons

  • Exciting adaptable lesson plans that address the Ontario curriculum expectations

  • Effective teaching methods that each one of our fully-educated teachers have learned through their educational and practical experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please check these FAQs to find your answer. If you still have more questions contact us here!

“How is my child’s learning plan developed?”

An academic assessment is done prior to the start of service. It includes one hour of testing, and another hour for writing a report highlighting areas of need, strengths, and a learning strategy to use with the child throughout tutoring.

“How long is each session?”

Each session lasts 1 hour. Frequency depends on student’s need. The average student needs between 2-3 sessions a week.

“Do you offer group sessions?”

While sessions are normally 1-on-1, small group sessions are available on as per needed basis

 “Do you offer services in French?”

Oui! We provide French tutoring for Grades 1-8 in all subjects.

“Does my child need to bring in school work?”

We encourage students to bring their school work to their sessions; however, we use our own resources in teaching.

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